Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Lunch Time Hiding Spot

The Sweet Peas our out in full force and the spring warmth has sent the rainbow chard bolting. 
My old (roadside rubbish) wicker chair has a little hidey spot next to the Sweet Peas. 

Lunch times in this spot are warm and sweet smelling. 

Gardener's note: Sowing Sweet Alyssum (the white flowers along the raised bed edge) is a tip I read in a permaculture book to encourage pollinators and beneficial bugs to the garden. I have certainly found that the white flowers are the best and I have so many bees in the garden, that things get pollinated as soon as they open! The seed was sown directly around the edges and germinated very quickly and flowered within a few weeks. Its a fabulous plant! Highly recommended in the veggie garden! 


  1. What a gorgeous little hidey hole, it must be hard to leave & get anything done!

  2. I love your lunch spot! Thanks for the Sweet Alyssum tip! I will have to remember that next spring!

  3. Heavenly I love the smell of sweet peas

  4. I can never understand why people buy sweet peas with no scent. It's not a sweet pea without perfume!

  5. will get some alyssum seeds thanks for the tip

  6. I've got some sweet pea seeds to plant for next spring, I love them too. And thanks for the tip on the alyssum, I'm looking for more flowering plants to squeeze into my garden, all the better if they help the vegetables too.

  7. Nice gardeners note - I'll make sure I get some seed, although I think there may be some in the 'rockery mix' my daughter just planted out. Beautiful sweet peas!

  8. A very sweet spot to sit.
    Not sure how comfortable I would be hanging out with the bees though:)

  9. Thanks for the alyssum tip. It is such a useful little plant...self seeds. Once it has been planted, you have it forever. Love the lunch spot.

  10. My neighbour has white alyssum growing in her part of garden. The seeds has come to our place and self-sowed as it please. Your pink sweet peas looks very pretty. Nice spot for lunch!

  11. Love sweet peas but haven't had much luck growing them yet. Shame as they would look perfect in our cottage garden.

    I love your relaxing spot, what a special place.

    Sft x

  12. Two cautions about alyssum - it sure does self-seed, so beware planting it near things like gravel paths or you'll have alyssum everywhere! Also, the snails love hanging out under them.

  13. What an amazing sopt to stop and have a rest. I can just smell that heavenly scent of your sweet peas- even here in Oregon! And that chard is beautiful, even if it has gotten too big to eat. It is now officially garden art!

  14. Oh those sweet peas are just beautiful!! what a peaceful spot to sit(especially if you were feeling a little blue)and hard to leave.

  15. Hi Becc! It sure is! I have about an hour for lunch which gives me 15mins to drive home, half an hour for lunch in the garden and 15 mins to drive back to work. I hate staying inside all day in front of a computer!

    Hi Bee Girl! You're most welcome! That's the great thing about blogging, its a great way to share information!

    Hi Cathy! They are divine aren't they! They are so lovely to have by the bed at night too...

    Oh Sue, I know! They are crazy people!

    No worries JH! Although I'm sure all the things you have in the garden you don't need any more plants to attract pollinators!

    Hi Barbara! OH what colour are the sweet peas? Im hankering for some of Diana's red ones! I like the purple and blue ones too. Oh sweet peas!

    No worries Liz, I just bought a cheap bunnings packet and no doubt I will have them forever now! They transplant so easily too.

    Hehe, GBY, I've only been bitten once and not in my garden. I find that they are too busy with the flowers to notice me!

    I love plants like that Hazel! Especially when you have a bit of space it helps to have plants that do their own thing!

    Hi Diana! Oh even better! I can't wait for your sweet pea seeds!!!!!!!!

    Hi SFT! It is a lovely spot to sit and so private too with my GIANT broad beans next to them! This is my first year growing them, so its been a bit of an experiment. I'm sure you will have luck next year!

    Hi Alexa, thanks, yeas they sure are prolific self seeders! Although I'd much rather them coming up every where than couch grass or oxalis! The snails, though are annoying, but there are plenty of other things that they love to, namely my little butter lettuces and peas! The chickens don't mind the snails though!

    Hi Lexa, thanks! Oh they are divine! Yes, I'm going to save seed from that chard its been the best out of the lot and been the slowest to bolt, and that intense pink is so pretty! But I have to say that I HATE eating it! Its for the chickens and ornamentation only!

    Hi Andrea! It really is! I came back from work early one day with a bad headache and sitting there with some cold water looking at my garden made me feel so much better!

    Thanks for your comments everyone!

  16. Such a very gorgeous spot!! I love sweet allysum too smells just like honey.

    Can't wait to meet you - so soon!

  17. Great tip, I have Alyssum growing in my normal garden but not with my Veg, It does look pretty and beneficial is a real bonus! Looks like a lovely retreat you have there... :)


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